Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Look who's arrived!!!

On Monday morning at 2oclock we got woken up by Sophie's boyfriend Joe to tell us Sophie's waters had broken in bed so me and Noel shot out of bed and went downstairs to see Sophie i said we had better ring the hospital so when Sophie was on the phone to the midwife she was asking if she was having contractions and sophie said no i don't think so at this point i noticed sophie was having a contraction so i said yep you are which was quite funny. anyway, i went to run Sophie a bath and get the last bits sorted for her hospital bag so that when she got ready she could head in to the hospital so when she got there she had a pain relief injection which made her really sick and her blood pressure shot up so she decided to use the gas and air which didn't really do anything so she was in alot of pain so opted for an epidural which made her relax more so after a 16 hour labour little Daisy Mae made her way into the world weighing in at 7lb 1oz and she's absolutely gorgeous, i can't even begin to put into words just how it feels to become a Nana it's just the most amazing feeling and i am loving it. I feel totally blessed to have what we have and i couldn't be prouder. Welcoming her into our family has been lovely all of her Aunties and Uncles lover her so much and i just know she's going to be spoilt rotten and in just a few more weeks we will be welcoming our new addition into the family how can our life get any better we are so very lucky
Welcome to the family Daisy Mae xx


  1. Congratulation Sophie on becoming a mummy. Daisy is beautiful. Congratulations Sue and Noel on becoming grandparents.

  2. Thank you Carleen its an amazing feeling I'm loving it xx