Saturday, 11 August 2012

Weekly pregnancy update!

I'm now 32 weeks pregnant with #16 and everything is going along smoothly, i had my midwife appointment this week and his growth is still just above the middle line which is great and my BP is fine i've always had low blood pressure so i've been lucky to never have any problems with it. She checked his position and as i thought he has gone back to being breech so i've been trying some different excerises to try to get him to turn but hes just not budging, however, she did say he's got about 4 weeks to go head down and if he hasnt then they will try to turn him round which i really don't want because ive heard it's very painful but given the choice between  that and a c section then i will go for trying to turn him. The midwife did find this funny on my notes

she said she had never seen one with so many children on it she was amazed. My flour craving is just getting silly i wake up in the morning and i just want to eat flour lol i can't get enough of it but im trying not to eat as much because im not sure if it's causing my restless legs to be even worse because im really suffering with it and no matter what i try nothing is working. Today i've been walking round like a zomby because i didn't get to sleep till about 2.30 then Josh woke up at 6.45 so i had just a few hours sleep and it's starting to catch up with me, i've had my grumpy tired head on today, the children have been loving feeling him kicking and Luke sat for ages the other night poking Casper and watching him kick him back it was lovely then max was sat outside in the sunshine with me and he was giving Casper lot's of kisses and kept saying when you coming out Casper and singing him nursery rhymes one things for sure he's going to be so loved when he's finally here we all can't wait to meet him here is a picture of little Max and Aimee giving him a kiss it was so sweet

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  1. I had an ECV with Sid who was breech at 38 weeks (they only discovered when they went to induce) and it wasn't painful at all - and I have a *very* low pain threshold. So please don't worry if it comes to this x