Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Going on holiday with so many children

A lot of people ask us how we manage to go away with so many children, and how we managed to do the packing for a family holiday, so thought i would go into how we manage it.

When we decided to go on our family holiday it takes quite a bit of planning and a lot of organisation, we will usually go away in the last few weeks of the 6 weeks holiday because we have found that they are by far the cheaper weeks to go, and if we are flying then we will usually be stalking the flight prices for a good few weeks before we book because they do go up and down a lot in price, and when they are at there lowest we will book them, but we never book them in one big booking because that will usually end up costing us up to ££££ more so we book them in block bookings of no more than 5 because the first few seats are usually quite heavily discounted we have found that quite often it really isn't worth going with a low cost airline because the added costs are so high especially when you have a big family.

When we are booking the accommodation we do this through the hotel because if we go through a travel company we would end up paying so much more so when we have found the accommodation we want to go to we will usually email the hotel and we always ask for a discount which usually does knock off a lot of money so it's deffinately worth been a bit cheeky they can only say no so you've got nothing to loose by asking we worked out that if we went through a travel agent rather than doing it the way we do a family holiday could cost us up to £3000 more which is a LOT of money, i think that when you have a big family you are always looking for ways to save money so it does involve a lot of researching and is very time consuming but worth it in the end.

So packing for all my brood starts at least 5 weeks before we are due to go i will do all of the washing drying and ironing of the summer clothes in blocks,  i will do 4 of the childrens clothes in one go and put them in big bags with there names on them which makes it so much easier to unpack when we get there but does take me weeks to do it  we have cut back on the amount of clothes we take now and have found that the sunsafe suites are really good for them to wear all day around the pool or beach so cuts out the amount of clothes that we were going through everyday and i always make sure that we take enough baby milk and nappies because we use disposable ones when we go away just because it's so much easier than taking their cloth nappies and having to wash them when we are away but we have found that nappies abroad are more than double what you would pay in this country so it's always worth making sure you have enough to get you through your holiday and that's it simple as that.

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