Sunday, 26 August 2012

Weekly pregnancy update 34 weeks!

Well i'm now 34 weeks with #16 and i'm feeling good apart from still not sleeping that well and heartburn is really starting to move up a gear but it's not to unbearable, i have my midwife appointment on Wednesday so i will get to find out if he is still breech and to be honest i really cant tell although i'm still getting kicks very low down i have been getting more kicks at the side and top of my bump so maybe just maybe he will have been a good boy and turned, i have been doing lot's of things to try and get him to turn this week I've been on all fours and iv'e had an ice pack on the top of my bump which he didn't like to much and was moving like crazy.
This week i have to make the decision whether to change hospitals because my hospital that i'm booked at are been very very funny about filming anything there and it's making me wonder if they have a problem with me or just big families in general and after a comment that one of the midwife's made about our family and big families in general it really has made me feel so angry to the point that i really feel like i need to put a massive complaint in it was totally unprofessional of her and for someone in a position of trust like that i just feel like i really don't want to give birth there anymore so i am going to look into transferring.
Sophie is now 38+2 so not long now well she could come any day now really and i think she's really starting to feel fed up with been pregnant and just wants it over with now.
Photo: Mine and sophie's bump pics me 34 weeks and sophie 38 who knows this might be sophie's last bump pic before she arrives xx
We also picked up Sophie's pram for her this week which was a nice surprise for her when we walked through the door with it it took her a while to realise what it was as it was in a box
Photo: We picked up sophies pram for her today it was a lovely surprise for her she wasn't expecting it we can't wait to meet this little princess now only a few more weeks to go and we will be nana and grandad ohhh I can't wait xxHere it is and Sophie loves it x


  1. oh dear hope the midwife hasnt upset you too much, i too have had some horrid ones before :( x

  2. Sorry to hear you've had problems with the midwives/hospital. SOme people are very narrow minded about anything that is outside of their experience. I think you're doing a fab job with your kids and its your choice if you want to film it. I loved watching the show before and I know loads of others did too so I can't wait for the next series!!
    Read on fb that Sophie had a little girl. Congratulations!!

  3. Thank you Sophie is doing great and Daisy is just beautiful xx

  4. Hi Sue, you are amazing and such an inspiration!
    The above image of Sophie's pram doesn't show and I had caught a glimpse of it on the TV show and LOVED it! Please please could you share and image or tell me hat make and model it is ?
    So grateful.