Saturday, 25 August 2012

What a busy week!

This week i've been trying to get organised for the children going back to school so i've had to buy 9 school uniforms and 9 pairs of school shoes plus lunch boxes and PE kits it's just never ending , i went to matalan for all the uniforms and Ellie was so funny the woman on the checkout said the total and Ellie looked at me and said oh mummy that's alot of money the woman behind the counter found it so funny bless her Ellie is always the one to come out with things like that she's so funny so i think we are finally organised for them going back to school now which is good for me because i usually leave it till the very last minute, Luke and Millie are going to high school this time and they are so excited about it i just hope it lasts i think it's great that they are in the same year and they have each other they often get asked if there twins.I think they are more than ready to go back to school now with the constant play fighting and paddys that have been going on this week i feel like i've been constantly having to use the time out step and i very rarely have to use that one but have felt myself constantly saying right time out and it's mostly been Katie and Josh the little monkeys that have been sat on it.
  we made some cupcakes the other day that they really enjoyed doing and they did look pretty good and tasted even better we were very chuffed with them
Photo: We've been busy today yummy cupcakes I know what I will be scoffing for my midnight snack lol xyum yum
So this week we have also decorated Josh and Max's new bedroom after having a bit of a change around of rooms and this was what we found when we went to took the children in at night
Photo: The new sleeping arrangements are going well there is 6 of them in this room with 3 in a bed lolit was a bit like how many children can you fit in a bed it was so funny they had all gone and got in Millie and Katies room so there was 6 of them in here with 3 in each bed it was so sweet it just goes to show just how much they absolutely love each others company and really hate been on there own i sometimes think we could get away with living in alot smaller house, we have all these rooms but some don't even get used it's crazy and this week little.
  Oscar has got another tooth so he now has 2 teeth on the bottom i don't think it's going to be long before he starts crawling because he's getting up on all fours now but just isn't going anywhere i think he much prefers to just roll everywhere because he can get from one side of the lounge to the other in record time im suprised he doesn't go dizzy because i do just watchimg him roll.
The children found a big cardboard box the other day so thought it would be fun to get in it and go down the stairs it was so funny i tried to take a picture of Katie coming down in it but she was so fast by the time the camera had responded to it she was at the bottom of the stairs anyway hubby decided to have a go because he's such a big kid
Photo: My crazy hubby taking it in turns with the boys racing down the stairs on a cardboard box I've not laughed so much in ages so funny lol x Me and sophie were laughing so much im suprised we didn't go into labour he really cracks me up sometimes i think i actually have 16 children already.

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