Wednesday, 26 September 2012

38 Week pregnancy update with #16

So i'm now 38+4 and everything is still going great. I had my consultant appointment at the end of last week and we got a date for the 26th September which is today, but when we got home we had a phone call to say that they would have to change it to the 1st October so if Casper hasn't arrived by then i will be going in to be induced in just 5 days time but i have a feeling he will probably arrive before then anyway, but i am worried that if i do go into labour there won't be a bed for me because over the last week they have had to close the maternity unit a few times because they have been so busy that there haven't been any beds available. At my last check up his head was very low which is good and they still think he's going to be quite a big baby. I'm guessing he's probably going to be about 8lb 9oz. I'm still able to get a good nights sleep and i'm not feeling quite as uncomfortable because he's dropped so i have a bit more room but i have been feeling so crampy these past few days and after my sweep yesterday i thought i was going to go into labour because i was having some very strong contractions but after a few hours they died down. I've got another sweep booked for tomorrow so hopefully that will kick things off and we will get to meet our new addition. All of the children are so excited to meet him and keep asking when he's coming out so the next time i update my blog i WILL of had a baby! so excited!

my last bump pic x

Sunday, 16 September 2012

My 37 week pregnancy update!

Well we have hit 37 weeks and are now classed as full term! This week I have had my consultant appointment which didn't really go to plan. As she was checking me and listening to Casper's heart rate I noticed that it was high so she carried on listening to him and it didn't come down so decided that I needed to be monitored just to check that he was happy in there and pretty much as soon as I had been on the monitor his heart rate started to come down thank goodness but he did give us a bit of a scare. if I was to say I have been feeling anxious I think that's an understatement I just really want him here safe and well now. I really hate these last few weeks I always worry until they're here safe and well. I have got another consultant appointment on Thursday to check to see if they can induce and get my date for hopefully just a few days later. I think we're all ready for his arrival now i've finally bought all his cloth nappies and my bag is now packed. i've been having loads of braxton hicks and feeling really crampy and irritable so hopefully he is getting himself ready to come and meet us all and we're all so ready to finally meet him everyone is so excited but we still can't decide on a middle name for him, that's proving to be quite hard but we do have a short list so i'm sure we will have chosen one by the time he's here.

Friday, 7 September 2012

What the radford's have been up to this week!!!

This week has been a super busy week for us and of course our first week being grandparents and all i can say is it's totally amazing we're loving it she's such a little cutie but has been making her mummy and daddy very tired because she has her night and day all muddled up so there not getting much sleep, and to make things that bit more difficult Sophie's boyfriend Joe just got a new job shortly before Daisy arrived and had to start the day after she was born so things have been even more hectic so on Monday i offered to have Daisy for the night so they could both catch up on some sleep,  i got to spend time with her and she was very good and only woke twice in the night for me and i really enjoyed it. I think we're so lucky that they still live at home with us so we get to have as many cuddles as we want and there's always someone that want's to help out i think that's got to be the best thing about having a big family, is the great support network and all the love that comes with it i really can't believe just how lucky and blessed we are.

Daisy having cuddles with Nanny and Grandad x

PhotoHow gorgeous, her hair is amazing x

We have also been really busy with the filming for our new programme, we travelled to Dundee for another big family wedding and it was just the best time we have had in a long time getting to meet up with another big family that we have become very good friends with since our last programme went out. It really was a lovely day. We stopped in caravans when we got there and we had booked two but as usual we only ended up using one with most of the children sleeping on the sofas in the lounge and the younger ones in the beds they really dont like not being with each other. We had Oscar in our bed with us which was lovely because hes normally in his cot so i got to snuggle up with him at night to try and get him off to sleep which was funny because he kept playing peek a boo with me

Oscar playing peek a boo with me little monkey i could just eat him xx

Photo: The kids been filmed going to sleep in the caravan but I don't think there very sleepy lol xSome of the children being filmed going to sleep in the caravan they weren't very sleepy x

The children all ready to go to the wedding we took 11  and the older 4 stayed at home x

So on Wednesday the children went back to school and it was Luke and Millies first day at high school. They looked so smart in their new uniforms
Millie and Luke all ready x
When we dropped them off at high school Millie did get a bit upset because she didn't know anyone but she had her big sis Chloe to look after her and she was fine after she settled into her form. They both had a really good day and so far are enjoying it, it now means that we only have 5 at primary school which has been a big difference in the making up of the lunch boxes but they have settled back into the school routine really well and then we have little Max who started nursery on Wednesday too! He only goes for a few hours in the afternoon but he is really enjoying it, he was a bit teary and clingy the first day but the following day he was a lot better so the Radford house has been so quiet we're just not used to having no noise and just having the little ones at home i think it's going to take a while to get used to, i dont like it when it's this quiet i like it to be full of laughter and chaos which some people will probably think is crazy but we love it.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

My 35 week pregnancy update!!

Well this is a little late I've been very busy this week
So i'm now 35+3 weeks with #16 and i'm feeling so much bigger this week but i am managing to sleep a lot better my restless legs have eased so much over the last week which has been nice to actually be able to get some sleep, i actually though i was going into labour last week because i was have strong pains during the night that actually woke me up and because we were 250 miles away from home i was praying he didn't decide he wanted out, anyway they eased up after a few hours but i'm still getting a lot of strong braxton hicks so maybe he will make his appearance in the next few weeks and as you will probably know from my last post he has been breech so i have been doing lot's of things to get him to turn i have tried the bag of frozen peas on the top of my bump which my hubby thought was so funny and said to me that will never work, anyway we went for another 4d scan yesterday to check if he was still breech or he had gone head down so she had a feel of my belly and thought he was head down before she started scanning me and what do you know he now is definitely head down we did get to see so much detail at the scan he looks so gorgeous and has lots of hair and such chubby cheeks and we did notice that on his right cheek he has a little dimple so i will be checking on that when he's born he was also sticking his tongue out and frowning and he kept kicking the wand that she was pressing on my tummy he was a proper little show off and we got to find out that he now weighs 6lb 1oz im so in love with him and can't wait to welcome him into our family only a few more weeks to go. hear are some pics of our gorgeous little Casper.

My 35 week bump pic