Saturday, 4 August 2012

Weekly pregnancy update!

I'm now 31 week's with #16 he's been a little monkey this week and not been moving as much as he normally does which really worried me on Thursday but i have realised that he has started moving a lot during the night i only know this because i can't sleep at all and i'm suffering with restless legs which is driving me insane because i'm not able to go to sleep before 3am and then i'm getting woken up by the little ones at 7 so i'm not getting a lot of sleep at all but suppose it's good practice for when he's here and my carpel tunnel is getting a lot worse and is now quite painful.
I have got my midwife appointment next week so will find out if he's still head down which i'm thinking he's gone back to breech because of where i'm feeling the kicks from him they're really low down and not a lot of movement up the top of my bump.
We are planning to do the nursery maybe next weekend depending on how i'm feeling. We have ordered all the nursery furniture but are just waiting on the changing unit coming then we can get started and i've just washed all of his clothes today ready for his arrival.
We also have a meeting lined up with the health board next week to talk about the filming at the hospital which we are hoping they say yes to but we will just have to wait and see how it goes so next week is set to be quite a busy week but i can't wait to get started on the nursery.
Sophie is now 35 week's pregnant and has now finished work so is just taking it easy. She had her midwife appointment on Wednesday and all is great, the baby's head is now starting to drop so it's not going to be long before she's here only 5 more weeks to go i can't believe how fast it's gone for both of us.

I think my bump is taking over Sophie's tiny bump x


  1. aww love the matching tee's, lovely bumps ladies x

  2. Lovely bumps chicks... I will be like you very soon!! Ive just found out baby number 4 is on the way... Im 4+3!! So exciting!!

    Cant wait for youre bas!!


  3. Aww huge congratulations that's amazing news happy and healthy 9 months xxx