Wednesday, 1 August 2012

How our family has grow

I thought i would write a post about our family as im going to be talking about the children a lot so here goes, this could be a long one.
In 1987 me and Noel started our relationship i was just 13 and he was 16 i suppose you could say we were childhood sweethearts. In 1988 we discovered that i was pregnant and what a massive shock it was but i knew that no matter what we were going through with the pregnancy and so Christopher arrived on the 7th May 1989 at 12.47pm after a long labour of 23 hours he weighed in at 6lb 3oz and he was just gorgeous. Being a young mum and still at school was tough but we had the support of both our families so that made it easier i carried on at school and my mum looked after Chris for us and when i left school we were offered our first council house so we moved in together i loved being a mum so much that when we found out we were expecting Sophie we were over the moon and she arrived on the 13th December 1993 weighing 6lb 14oz, it was a very quick labour and i nearly delivered her in the lift when it got stuck they had just changed over hospitals that night so everything was still in boxes so it was all a bit crazy with midwives running around like headless chickens but it all went smoothly and she was the second baby to be delivered in the new maternity unit i will never forget that night. Then along came Chloe on the 31st July 1995, she weighed in at 7lb 2oz she was not such an easy baby as she suffered with really bad colic that you would have thought would have put us off having anymore and to this day i still have to keep reminding her of this fact. Then along came Jack on the 9th April 1997 weighing in at 7lb 6oz and he was a very easy baby compared to Chloe so chilled out and still is. Then came Daniel our little suprise! he arrived on the 3rd March 1999 and weighed 6lb 8oz i was in slow labour with him for 3 long days but when he did finally decide to come he was very quick and such an easy baby too he arrived just 2 weeks after we bought our Bakery so things were quite hectic. Then came Luke, he arrived on the 1st October 2000 after being in a stop and start labour for 2 days, he was a very easy baby aswell and then came our suprise Millie i found out i was pregnant with her just 7 weeks after the arrival of Luke and i really did wonder how we would cope but soon got my head around it and she arrived on the 29th August 2001 and weighed 8lb 3oz it's so nice to have them really close together and they are both in the same year at school so people think they are twins. Then came Katie, she arrived on the 14th November 2002 and she was my super fast labour and she wasnt hanging around! I went into labour at 7 in the morning and Noel was at work, i phoned him and said you better come home im in labour so he said ok im just putting the buns in the oven then i will be home in about an hour so i got off the phone and my waters went, i honestly thought i was going to have her there and then so phoned him back screaming for him to hurry up. He came home and we set off to the hospital and on the way he said to me "i've got to put petrol in" well omg i was screaming for him to just get me to hospital but nope he stopped to put it in with me trying not to push in the car lol we got to the hospital and all the midwives came running out and i couldnt get out of the car till she said well you can only have gas and air if you get out of the car so that was it i shot out and as soon as i got into the delivery room she was born they couldnt believe how quick and easy she was because she was back to back she weighed in at a whopping 9lb 3oz she was huge but i said i never want to ever go through that with no pain relief again so then came James who arrived on the 17th October 2003 he was induced because of Katie being so fast and it was such a relief to be in hospital with pain relief. After James we thought our family was complete and we had outgrown our 5 bedroom house but 10 months later we found we wanted to add to our family so decided to put our house up for sale and move to somewhere bigger. We were so lucky we sold quickly and the house of our dreams had just come on the market so we bought it and moved in. 6 weeks later we then found out we were having Ellie she arrived on the 6th May 2005 and weighed 7lb 2oz she was a very good baby then we found out we were pregnant with Aimee who arrived on the 21st April 2006 and weighed 8lb 6oz then along came Josh he arrived on the 3rd July 2007 and weighed 8lb 2oz then along came Max he arrived on the 11th December 2008 and he weighed 7lb 2oz he was our bakers dozen. Then along came Tillie she arrived on the 2nd May 2010 and weighed 7lb 6oz. We then found out we were expecting again in october 2010 which we were over the moon about but the when we went for our 12 week scan we were told that we had had a mmc we had lost our little bean, i've never felt so broken in my life so i went in for the treatment on boxing day needless to say that was the worst christmas ever for us but in february 2011 we found out we were expecting Oscar the first 12 weeks were tough and such a worry but after the scan we did start to relax and he arrived on the 22nd October 2011 and weighed 7lb 3oz he is such an easy baby and very laid back and chilled out and we are now expecting our new addition he is due to join our family on the 7th October but should be here at the end of september. wow that was a long one!


  1. fab story sue, you and Noel are amazing. what a beautiful family you have.xx

  2. Thanks Vicky I'm glad you enjoyed reading it xx

  3. Love it sue, wonderful family you have. X