Monday, 20 August 2012

Weekly pregnancy update 33 weeks

My weekly pregnancy update with #16 well this week i've been feeling so uncomfortable and just huge, he still feels breech because i'm still getting all the movements down the bottom and my ribs are so painful which i think is because his head is there i just feel like he's put on so much weight this week and his movements are getting so uncomfortable, the heat is really bothering me too i just can't seem to get comfy i think out of all of my pregnancies this one has been the most uncomfortable which i'm putting down to that fact that the little monkey is breech i've been doing the exercises to try to get him to move i even tried sitting with a bag of frozen peas on the top of my bump lol they where freezing but nothing seems to be working so far but i'm just going to carry on doing what i'm doing and hope he does turn but i know i've still got a few weeks so i'm not to worried yet, i'm also finding that i get breathless really quickly and by the time i've got up to the top floor of the house i feel like i need oxygen he's really squashing my lungs i've got my midwife appointment next week so i will get to find out if he is still breech on the plus side i am sleeping a bit better with the thanks to tonic water as disgusting as it is it really does seem to work.
 my bump pic at 31+1
We have just decorated the nursery this weekend which was fun all the children helped out and Max even built Caspers cot with a little help from daddy he was so chuffed bless him that he had managed to do it.

The pictures of Oscar and Casper's new nursery now all we need is little Casper..


  1. oooh bump is looking really big! nursery looks beautiful, well done radfords x

  2. Love reading your updates, my little guy is also breech at the mo, here's hoping they stop being monkeys and turn round soon xxx

  3. hun I do feel absolutely massive he's piled the weight on in the last few weeks i hope he slows down a bit i feel like im going to pop.
    Kelly i might try some reflexology to try and get him to turn they are been little monkeys these October babies lol x

  4. Glad all is going well. Hope he turns soon.