Wednesday, 5 September 2012

My 35 week pregnancy update!!

Well this is a little late I've been very busy this week
So i'm now 35+3 weeks with #16 and i'm feeling so much bigger this week but i am managing to sleep a lot better my restless legs have eased so much over the last week which has been nice to actually be able to get some sleep, i actually though i was going into labour last week because i was have strong pains during the night that actually woke me up and because we were 250 miles away from home i was praying he didn't decide he wanted out, anyway they eased up after a few hours but i'm still getting a lot of strong braxton hicks so maybe he will make his appearance in the next few weeks and as you will probably know from my last post he has been breech so i have been doing lot's of things to get him to turn i have tried the bag of frozen peas on the top of my bump which my hubby thought was so funny and said to me that will never work, anyway we went for another 4d scan yesterday to check if he was still breech or he had gone head down so she had a feel of my belly and thought he was head down before she started scanning me and what do you know he now is definitely head down we did get to see so much detail at the scan he looks so gorgeous and has lots of hair and such chubby cheeks and we did notice that on his right cheek he has a little dimple so i will be checking on that when he's born he was also sticking his tongue out and frowning and he kept kicking the wand that she was pressing on my tummy he was a proper little show off and we got to find out that he now weighs 6lb 1oz im so in love with him and can't wait to welcome him into our family only a few more weeks to go. hear are some pics of our gorgeous little Casper.

My 35 week bump pic


  1. aw wow, big bump! gorgeous scan pics, so clear :) not long now! x

  2. It is a massive bump now i feel huge and the scan was amazing he's a little chubby chops lol xx