Thursday, 9 August 2012

Planning our 20th wedding anniversary get away!

On the 26th September 1992 i married the man of my dreams i was just 17 and Noel was 21 never did i dream that 20 years on we would have 15 nearly 16 children and our first grandchild would be on the way. In February of this year we decided that we really wanted to renew our wedding vows we didn't know where  but just knew that we wanted to do it later on in the year, then we found out i was pregnant so it meant that we would be aiming for the beginning of December so we have been trying to plan it for months now and there have been times when i've thought it's just not going to happen but this last month we have been researching like crazy and have short listed a few destinations which are:-
And the Dominican Republic we have now finally decided on where we will be going to renew our vows all i will say is it's one of those destinations but my lips are going to remain tightly sealed well that's the plan anyway let's just see if i can manage it but it's just perfect for us all and i cant wait to do it all over again and especially with all of our children and our new grandaughter to celebrate it with us i just know it's going to be such an amazing day and one that we will all never forget the children are all so excited and Ellie,Aimee and Josh keep saying when are you getting married again mummy the girls have been looking at dresses that they really like so we are going to be busy with all the planning now and dress buying and getting the suits for the boy's im so excited.


  1. aw how exciting! we hope to renew ours too one day :) the destinations are all a dream, you will have beautiful surroundings whichever you have picked.
    will you be bringing back a honeymoon baby? :p xxx

  2. We can't wait its so exciting and you never knows maybe there will be a honeymoon baby :)but shhh don't tell hubby lol x

  3. You should go to florida for christmas and renew vows at disney world :-)

  4. I don't think the children would disagree with you about that idea that would be amazing x

  5. We were going to renew ours too - 23 years since 1st date but ten years wedding anniversary this year. Unfortunately we didn't get around to organising anything - maybe in a few more years instead? I'll look forward to watching your plans unfold x