Friday, 3 August 2012

Back to reality!!

Well this week has been the first week back off holiday and the first week of the school holidays at home with the children and it's been none stop. We got back on Saturday morning and managed to get some sleep until dinner time then there was the unloading of the van and me sorting out all the washing and wow was there some washing!

- This is the wash pile that i have just managed to get through because on Monday the tumble dryer decided that it was not happy with all the washing and it gave up on me which is so typical when you really really need it to work it breaks and then to top it off the repair company said that they couldn't come out to fix it until Thursday by which time i had nearly done it so i've been very busy.
So Monday came and Noel went back to work and the boy's started there play fighting which always ends in tears so Monday was not a good day and i just wished we were back on a beach again but nope i was back to reality with a bang. Thankfully the rest of the week did get better and the weather has been really nice so we have been able to get out but how soon you forget you have even been on holiday when your back to the day to day running of this house it's just been so constant with washing, ironing and tidying up not to mention my food bill has been huge all they seem to do is eat! I have absolutely no idea where they put it all every time i turn around Jack seems to have toast in his hand and the amount of times i have caught Josh scaling the fridge to get the juice and cereal you wouldn't believe how many ways there is to climb that fridge it amuses everyone that sees it.

Filming for 16 kids and counting!!
We have had this week off so it's been so nice to get a break from the constant filming schedule and catch our breath because things have been very hectic but this week we have been offered another programme just after the filming for this one has finished which was a total surprise but it seems like a really good thing to do so where going to commit to it so it looks like we will be constantly filming now up until January with the filming of some pretty amazing and special things that i'm not allowed to go into so you will all just have to wait and see.
So roll on next week x


  1. if i was your dryer i would have packed up & retired too lol. Olivia has just read this with me and she says hi, she is looking forward to your new show x (@thismummyrocks)

  2. I know I do feel sorry for it it's worked so hard in this house a bit like me lol.Hi Olivia xx