Sunday, 29 July 2012

Another crazy week in the Radford family

   Well last week was spent in France on our family holiday with all the children and what an amazing time we all had, it's times like this that make us really sit back and think about just how unbelievably blessed and lucky we really are seeing the children having so much fun and enjoying playing with there siblings really makes me feel so proud of what we have yes it's a lot of hard work but the rewards are so so worth it we spent most of our days on the beach which we all loved Josh is such a dare devil and was quite happy going in the sea with us all and riding the waves he loved it Max is a little bit more wary and only ventured up to his knees and kept running back out with Tillie as soon as he saw a wave coming Luke really enjoyed looking for little crabs and there was a lot of them there such funny little things he picked one up and it kept popping out of it's shell then as soon as it saw us looking it went back in, little Oscar enjoyed it on the beach too he sat there watching everybody building sandcastles and eating the sand he's such a placid laid back little man our afternoons were spent around the pool they loved going down all the big slides they kept going down them in groups of four which was funny to watch Ellie and Aimee would count up to 3 in french then they would race down them i spent a lot of time in the baby pool with Max Tillie and Oscar it was just far to hot for me i was really struggling with the heat and there was no breeze at all just constant heat.  Max and Tillie went down the slides together i couldn't keep up with them they have so much energy but they loved it and Oscar really enjoyed going in the pool i thought he might of cried but nope he was splashing away and didn't want to get out.Our evenings were spent sat outside the caravan having BBQ's and just talking i love the laid back atmosphere of just been able to sit back and chill out and watch the children playing i think next year we are going to try and go for a month and stop off at different campsites through Spain and France that will be an adventure for them. On our journey home we got back into England and needed to put some petrol in the van so Noel went to take the petrol cap off with the key and he said it was stuck and he couldn't get it off so we tried and tried and couldn't do it so ended up ringing the breakdown company because there was nothing else we could do she said on the phone because they were really busy it could take up to 3 hours for them to come out and it was 1 in the morning and everyone was tired and fed up wand when i looked at the keys i said to Noel that key looks very much like our house key and he looked at me and said oops let me just try this other key and what do you know it opened he was only using the door key he's such a muppet sometimes he really cracks me up.

I'm now 30 weeks pregnant with baby #16 and everything is going well i had my midwife appointment and shes happy with his growth and how i am he is now head down which is great because he was breech i think he has really had a growth spurt this week because I'm feeling a lot more uncomfortable and the braxton hicks have really moved up a gear I'm getting so many of them and there so uncomfortable his movements have got more fierce this week i can now feel limbs coming out everywhere and my pelvis is starting to feel the strain and I've got the strangest craving which is flour i cannot get enough of it i know I'm strange but i was really missing it on holiday so the director went to a flour mill and bought me some which was funny all the children think it's disgusting well i think it's disgusting but oh well i think it must be the texture or something but it is weird.

16 kids and counting filming is going really well but it has been very hectic with not much of a break in between filming we had the minibus rigged up with cameras for our journey to France so that should be funny to watch and then when we got to the campsite the director said that they were going to take the cameras out of the minibus and put them in the caravan so it did feel very much like big brother but they did only stay with us till Monday then they left us to our holiday.

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