Monday, 16 July 2012

Me and Sophies pregnancy

Well in February we found out on the same day that we we're going to be parents again and grandparents for the first time! Our daughter Sophie was pregnant, to say it was a shock was an understatement but we were over the moon. The first 15 weeks for Sophie were really hard with her constantly being sick i just felt sick but wasnt actually sick. At 17 weeks she found out that her bump is a GIRL and they were both over the moon. A few weeks later we found out that our bump is a BOY! Going through this jouney together is the most amazing experience, we're both loving it and it's so nice to think how close they will be growing up, i'm sure they will be best friends when they're older. We've had our midwife appointments together which has been lovely and have found that we are both craving the same things; cream cakes and junk food. We had our 4d scan together the other week which was amazing to get to see our little boy and our grandaughter they are both doing really well. Our little boy weighs 2lb 3oz at 27 weeks and Sophies little girl weighs 4lb 4oz at 31 weeks which she has been told is above avarage so i think she could be in for a whopper and considering that her bump is so small i have no idea were she is hiding her because i just look like an elephant. I cant believe that in just another 8 weeks Sophie will be due and we will be welcoming our first grandchild into the family and just a few weeks later we will be welcoming our new addition into the family! It's going to be an amazing time for us all!


  1. This is such a lovely time for you all, may your two new additions bring you double the joy xxx

  2. you look lovely sue! (no elephant in sight mrs!) exciting times! so special :) x

  3. Oh wow! Congratulations to Sophie!

    Both of your bumps look fab!! :)

  4. Sophie said thank you Rachel.

  5. Aww its so exciting having babies lol you both look very well and look forward to youre BAS!! Do you both have any names yet??


  6. It really is so exciting and not long now we have picked a name for our little boy he's going to be called Casper and Sophie has picked a name for her little girl she's going to be called Daisy we are not sure on a middle name yet we do have quite a few names to choose from i really like the name Casper Leo.

    1. Aww my 14 month old princess is called daisy-chevelle!! Casper leo goes well its cute.. I have 3 kids currently ttcing number 4. I think u r amazing chick. I would love a huge family but i think this 1 will be our last :-(... Im only 25 so we will see have to twist my partners arm lol..