Monday, 23 July 2012

France road trip

We hit the road at 6.30 pm on the 20th July 2012.The children were all still awake at gone 11pm, with only Max falling asleep as soon as we set off. They were all pretty good and did finally fall asleep at about midnight. We got to the ferry terminal for 1.20am as we were on the 2.20 ferry and at this point the children had all woken up so they were all pretty tired and grumpy and the ferry crossing was a bit rough and with a lot of very drunk football fans so the chances of getting any sleep was none existent.We got off the ferry at about 4.30 by this time all the children were ready for going to sleep, so i did then manage a few hours sleep myself. It was such a long journey with us finally arriving at the campsite at 2.30 pm. The TV crew had followed us down in the car behind us because we had the van rigged with the cameras but the rest of the crew were waiting for us as we pulled in so we checked in and went to our caravans and as we were unpacking i said to Noel "did we not book a 3 bedroom one?" because the caravan that we had been told was ours was only a two bedroom. Anyway, after going to look at the other caravans we had booked we realised that we were in the wrong one and we had booked a 3 bedroom one so we had to pack everything back up and move. We did book 3 caravans but we have only ended up using two of them which is so typical because all the children want to be in our caravan and don't really want to be with the older ones in there van. it's so nice to be wanted. The first day we went to the beach and the children loved it with little Oscar trying to eat the sand all the time but what a great time we had building sandcastles and going in the sea. When we got back to the campsite the children all wanted to go to the pool so off we went, they absolutely loved the slides and Oscar got to go swimming for the first time which i thought he might not have liked but he loved it and was splashing and laughing and it was so lovely to see hes really enjoying his first family holiday. Me and Sophie have found the heat a little unbearable at times so have spent a lot of the time in the pool and eating LOT'S of gorgeous cream cakes and ice lollies.
I'm now 29 weeks and Sophie is 32 weeks it's going so fast it's hard to believe that the next family holiday we have there will be two new additions to our amazing family  life is just perfect.

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