Tuesday, 17 July 2012

What a stressful start to the week!

Well what a few days we've been having! We are due to go on holiday to France on Friday and we still don't have 9 of the childrens passports so i phoned the passport office on Monday only to be told that they are still under going the examination process and that they would not be back by Friday so i said well is there anything we can do to get them and they said that we could pay an extra £52 per passport to get them on a one day service.
Due to it being Oscar's first passport there is nothing they can do to get that passport to us and the only thing they could offer was a 7 working day service which obviously is no good so we we've had to make the decision to either not go and loose all our money on the holiday and the children would be gutted or leave Oscar with my mum and dad for the week and i'm just not sure if i can cope without him for the week as i've only ever been away from him when he was 6 weeks when Tillie got taken into intensive care and that was so hard but atleast i did still get to see him through the week and then i just keep thinking what if something happens and we're all the way in France. I'm so torn and really don't know what to do for the best.
We have tried getting through to the passport office all day today but their lines are constantly busy, it's so frustrating! We are now waiting on a call back within the next 48 hours to see if the passport office in Liverpool can sort the passports on the day service and if by some miracle they can do something with little Oscars passport. I'm so stressed at the moment and i never get stressed but this has really got to me, i'm just hoping tomorrow brings us some good news.

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  1. good luck hun, its disgusting that they cant be done in time UNLESS you pay more money, its a greedy world :( hope a miracle happens with little oscars too, fingers crossed for you x