Saturday, 14 July 2012

Had a busy week

    Well this week has been fun im currently 28 weeks with #16 and feeling really great, we had our 4d scan this week and he's absolutely gorgeous all the children loved seeing him, little Ellie said hes cute and he,s got a big nose, i think what she meant to say was hes got a button nose bless her it was very sweet, we found out that he weighs 2lb 3oz which she said is just right.
 I've got my midwife appointment on tuesday shes such a lovely midwife and has said that she will come out to the house so i don't need to go into the doctors which is so much easier, i cant believe we only have 12 more weeks till we meet him.

   We are doing filming for our new programme 16 kids and counting at the moment which is very crazy but a lot of fun, there have been some very funny moments along the way.We have enjoyed the few days off that we have had this week  ready for more filming next week,we have got our road trip to france next week and we are still waiting on some passports coming back which im starting to worry that they wont be back in time, and i still havent even started the packing but were so looking forward to getting away i really feel like i need this holiday now, and the children are getting so excited to go they cant wait i think there mostly looking forward to swimming and going down the big slides.

As you can imagine school mornings are very busy in our house with so many children to get ready and out of the door on time,  Friday morning the phone rang at 8.50 and it was hubby asking if Josh was at home well i had'nt heard anything from upstairs so i did'nt think he was in the house anyway i opened his bedroom door and there he was in his uniform playing with his lego on the floor never have we ever done that before even the other children hadnt noticed that he wasnt in the van it was an oops moment.


  1. Honoured to be the first commenter on your new blog. Looking forward to reading more.


  2. honoured to be the second! love it :) looks fab x

  3. Love it. Had to laugh at Josh playing with Lego. Good job hubby noticed.

    Can't wait for next instalment. Really looking forward to the TV show. :-)

  4. Good to see you blogging. My friend is also waiting back on passports for her children to go to France and the passport office said it's the busiest time of year but not to worry they'd get them back. Enjoy. Great photo too.

    1. pinkoddy thats good to know im going to ring them on monday to chase them up im really starting to panic now im just praying they will be back in time im so pleased you all like the blog im sure im going to love doing it x

  5. Brilliant I will subscribe too so I don't miss out on anything : )