Sunday, 16 September 2012

My 37 week pregnancy update!

Well we have hit 37 weeks and are now classed as full term! This week I have had my consultant appointment which didn't really go to plan. As she was checking me and listening to Casper's heart rate I noticed that it was high so she carried on listening to him and it didn't come down so decided that I needed to be monitored just to check that he was happy in there and pretty much as soon as I had been on the monitor his heart rate started to come down thank goodness but he did give us a bit of a scare. if I was to say I have been feeling anxious I think that's an understatement I just really want him here safe and well now. I really hate these last few weeks I always worry until they're here safe and well. I have got another consultant appointment on Thursday to check to see if they can induce and get my date for hopefully just a few days later. I think we're all ready for his arrival now i've finally bought all his cloth nappies and my bag is now packed. i've been having loads of braxton hicks and feeling really crampy and irritable so hopefully he is getting himself ready to come and meet us all and we're all so ready to finally meet him everyone is so excited but we still can't decide on a middle name for him, that's proving to be quite hard but we do have a short list so i'm sure we will have chosen one by the time he's here.


  1. Hi Sue, How did things go at the hospital this time. Previously you said you were having problems with the midwives. Has this improved or have you managed to change hospital?
    Glad to hear that your little monkey has changed position for you!! Not long to go for you now!!!

  2. Hi Vicki,the hospital have been a lot better although they still won't allow the filming I do feel more comfortable about delivering him there I have another appointment on Thursday so should get my date for induction xx