Wednesday, 26 September 2012

38 Week pregnancy update with #16

So i'm now 38+4 and everything is still going great. I had my consultant appointment at the end of last week and we got a date for the 26th September which is today, but when we got home we had a phone call to say that they would have to change it to the 1st October so if Casper hasn't arrived by then i will be going in to be induced in just 5 days time but i have a feeling he will probably arrive before then anyway, but i am worried that if i do go into labour there won't be a bed for me because over the last week they have had to close the maternity unit a few times because they have been so busy that there haven't been any beds available. At my last check up his head was very low which is good and they still think he's going to be quite a big baby. I'm guessing he's probably going to be about 8lb 9oz. I'm still able to get a good nights sleep and i'm not feeling quite as uncomfortable because he's dropped so i have a bit more room but i have been feeling so crampy these past few days and after my sweep yesterday i thought i was going to go into labour because i was having some very strong contractions but after a few hours they died down. I've got another sweep booked for tomorrow so hopefully that will kick things off and we will get to meet our new addition. All of the children are so excited to meet him and keep asking when he's coming out so the next time i update my blog i WILL of had a baby! so excited!

my last bump pic x

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  1. Lovely bump! Can't wait to see him!!
    Would love it if u could check out my blog!