Wednesday, 19 December 2012

What a manic week we've had!!!

So a few weeks ago me and Noel decided to start a date night as we never get any time together as a couple and felt that we really needed to get some time together so Noel had been planning something for a few weeks and would not tell me what it was no matter how hard i tried to get it out of him so Friday came and it was date night and I was feeling very excited about going out for the night and my mum and dad coming round for the day which we always look forward to anyway. They arrived at 11.30 followed by Noel, he said he had a lot of paper work to do and would be working from home which wasn't unusual so when he got a phone call to go back to work i didn't think anything of it because that was normal but when he came back he said get your shoes on and come outside and when i got outside well, he had only gone and rented a audi a5 coupe and then he announced that we would be going to Chester for the night! well omg i was in shock because we never get to go away on our own ever, well we haven't stopped in a hotel for 20 years so I was over the moon and I packed my bag and off we went.
When we arrived at the hotel we were greeted by a concierge who took our cases and we went to reception where we were greeted by the hotel manager who was so lovely and couldn't do enough for us. When we were checked in he took us to our room and showed us round  it and it was an amazing room I felt like a princess! We had pink champagne waiting for us and when we went down for our evening meal we had a cocktail menu just for us which was amazing and did i enjoy all the cocktails on the list :) we had such an amazing time. When we got home the older ones had coped brilliantly Chloe had Casper during the night and he had been up at 3 then was in and out of sleep till 7 then she had to go into work for 7.30 but she loved having him.

This is our fantastic room

In the hotel we found this chair x

Then at 2 we had a dress fitting at the bridal shop so we took all the girls and when we got there they were all lovely and had cupcakes for the children and champagne for us grown ups so i started trying on dresses and i think it was the 4th dress I tried on and everyone loved it so we decided that that was the one so then Sophie and Chloe tried there dresses on and couldn't decide on the colour.. Chloe liked one colour and Sophie liked the the other  so they had to compromise and go with Chloe's colour and the little ones love there dresses. After this we then had to decide on where to renew our vows so we have now found the perfect place and we are so excited.
Also this week we have had lots of magazine and photoshoots which has been crazy but a lot of fun and I cant wait to see the pictures of our family.
We have had the 3 older primary school children's nativity play which was just lovely. I love this time of year, its just magical although this year i'm not very organised but i am getting there.

Smiley little Casper at 11 weeks x

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