Saturday, 24 November 2012

What we've been getting up to!!

The past few weeks have been very busy for us we have been wanting to build some bunkbeds in the children's bedroom for so long but just never seem to find the time to do anything so the other week we set to it and decided to knock a wall down to make one of the bedrooms bigger so that we could fit them in that room. So Noel went to buy all the wood to build them from scratch it took us the weekend to knock the wall down and put another wall up so once that was done we cracked on with building them. I say we but i didn't really do anything, it was Chloe that helped her dad build them and it took all week with some very late nights involved and the mess was unbelievable! I really hated the house being upside down but the finished product was more than worth it. Here they are

and they absolutely love them! and guess what... they actually all sleep in there own beds now! well, sometimes Max will go and get in with Josh.

Casper is now 7 weeks and he's just started giving out smiles and they're the biggest smiles ever! I love seeing his little dimples when he smiles with his chubby cheeks. The last few weeks have been quite hard with him because he's had a bit of colic and been very unsettled in the evening but he seems to be coming out of it and he has been a bit more settled the past few days, he's still waking up at least twice during the night but I love our cuddles during the night. Oscar has started waking up during the night because he's been teething bless him he got his two front teeth at the same time and he did suffer with them. I think he's going to start walking very soon because he's started using his push along to walk with so he's getting more confident, I can't wait to see him take his first steps. Also this week I have decided I better get on with the christmas shopping as i haven't bought one present yet! I'm very unorganized this year but the children were sat doing there lists for Santa the other night and Ellie had finished hers and she said to me "mummy, is this OK? or is it too much money?" So I said well it is a little bit too much so she said "well I tell you what mummy you can get me these and Santa can get me these." I just love her thinking then that way she gets to have all the things she would like, smart little cookie. I love this time of year and I can't wait to get all the decorations out and put the tree up. Max said to me "mummy, we need to clean the fire out for Santa because he has to come down the chimney"  I cant wait to see there little faces on Christmas morning. I love our big family, Christmas is so special and makes us realise just how lucky we are to have what we have.

a little pic of casper at 7 weeks


  1. The bunk beds look great and Casper looks unbelievably cute, love his cardie!

  2. Casper is adorable. love the bunk beds xx

  3. Thanks the bunks are fab I love them and casper is just gorgeous I can't believe he's 7 weeks already its gone so fast xx

  4. Wow the bunk beds are amazing ,nine people all nice and comfy ,clever Dad Jan xx

  5. Wow, how many people can those bunk beds sleep? Casper is so cute xx