Thursday, 18 October 2012


This week i have been mostly multi-tasking so it's been very busy. Sophie has been at work which has meant that i've had my gorgeous granddaughter to look after which has been fun and has felt very much like i've had twins to look after! Monday morning was fun because Max goes to nursery all day so it meant having to be organised and out of the door for 8.45 and with 5 children under 4 to get ready but we did it i had Daisy and Oscar in the double buggy and Max and Tillie walking then Casper was in his sling. Tillie did so well walking bless her and she's only 2 and a half she held onto the pram all the way there and back but it did take us quite a while to walk home then when we did get home Daisy woke up and wanted feeding so i just managed to get her fed before Casper woke up and wanted feeding. Max has been so funny because i'm feeding Casper myself he just can't get that Casper is getting milk from mummy he keeps saying no mummy thats boobies not milk it's so funny Oscar has been so good with him and will give him a cuddle but at the same time wants to poke him in his eyes so we have to be careful with him. yesterday the health visitor came out to do Caspers first visit and Oscars one year development assessment and i had Daisy crying to be fed then casper wanted feeding then Oscar wanted my attention and Max was being silly and showing off he was jumping off the sofa onto the bouncy chair and shouting  and Tillie bless her was just sat watching Peppa pig. The health visitor said to me if you want me to do anything then just tell me so i was sat feeding Daisy in her chair while i was feeding Casper and Oscar was sat on my knee multi tasking at it's very best, then hubby has had man flu so he's been ill for 3 days so i've literally been doing everything  and i really can't wait for the weekend to not have to be constantly running around but on the plus side at least Casper is sleeping well and only wakes up once during the night i really can't believe how good he is, he's settled in so well we're so very lucky i'm loving being a mummy to 16 gorgeous children how blessed are we.
Photo: Still fast asleep in mummy and daddy's bed pitty I've got to get up he looks so snuggly x
Casper chilling out in our bed x
Photo: Two happy full up babies with Tillie talking to them both lol x
Daisy Tillie and Casper x
Photo: Good morning world x
Daisy and Casper x


  1. beautiful pics, you defo need more hands, guess what it's FRIDAY! haha have a good weekend x

  2. Gorgeous bubbas. Have a fab weekend Sue x

  3. I defo do need more hands but wooop its the weekend and um going to be doing a bit of retail therapy lol have a great weekend xxxxx

  4. I defo do need more hands but wooop its the weekend and um going to be doing a bit of retail therapy lol have a great weekend xxxxx

  5. I just found your lovely blog. Seven weeks ago I had my sixth baby and definitely want more! Your family looks so happy. x

  6. I have 6 children and constantly getting asked how do you manage never thought it would be me asking someone that question lol i find that Im constantly cleaning and tidying and cooking don't get any time to myself must be loads more with that many and if you dont mind me asking how old are they all ? But truly amazing .lovely :-)

  7. Hi Mandy and thank you there ages are 23,19,17,15,13,12,11,10,9,7,6,5,4,2,1 and 9 weeks we constantly get asked how we do it and I think the key is to never get stressed luckily both me and Noel are very laid back but I know what you mean about the tidying up and washing and everything else but wouldn't want it any other way xx